Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture utilizes a desktop scanner that connects directly to your computer. With it, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to the bank, anytime day or night. It’s the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash. Plus, you’ll get unlimited deposits, full tech support, hardware and software provided and installed, and much more! All for just $25 a month. 

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What is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote Deposit Capture offers your business the ability to capture the images and transaction information from checks accepted for payment and deliver this information electronically to First Exchange Bank as if the items had been physically received at a First Exchange Bank location.

What are the key benefits for a business using First Exchange Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture called FirstLink Business Connection?

Not only is this service easy to use, but it saves a business valuable time. You will no longer have to make trips to the bank or manually prepare deposits.

What type of business is suited for this service?

This service is ideal for businesses that primarily deposit checks as opposed to cash, such as professional offices, contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers, physicians, attorneys and so forth.

How does FirstLink Business Connection Remote Deposit Capture work?

Using Internet-based technology, you submit checks for deposit using a PC and scanner located at your business. Each check scanned for deposit generates an electronic image that is transmitted to First Exchange Bank. The deposit will be credited at the end of the day. Funds will be available the next day.

How late can I make a deposit and still get same day credit?

Deposits made via FirstLink Business Connection have a cutoff time for same day deposits of 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday - Friday. Saturday deposits will roll over to Monday.

How safe is this service?

FirstLink Business Connection Remote Deposit Capture is transmitted over the Internet and uses state of the art encryption technology. Additionally, only authorized users having the necessary login information are allowed to access this service.

If the deposit is processed by the bank using the check images, what happens to the original paper checks?

It's the responsibility of the business to securely store the original checks for at least a 60-day period and properly destroy them. The check image that results from scanning a check now becomes the legal replacement which will then be processed by the paying financial institution.

Who will use the system? And what type of training will be provided?

Individuals already in charge of manually preparing and making deposits are typically the main users. Your business will receive your choice of personal on-site or remote access training from First Exchange Bank staff.

Who would I contact for more information about FirstLink Business Connection?

Contact us, at 1-304-534-7200 or email us at or stop into any First Exchange Bank Office. For office locations and hours visit us at

How do I sign up for FirstLink Business Connection?

Signing up for FirstLink Business Connection is easy – simply fill out an application and submit it along with attachments for approval. Upon approval, you will receive a Customer Agreement requiring both your signature and the signature of a bank representative.

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